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General information

The seminar covers algorithmic topics from the area of wireless networks.

  • energy efficient routing protocols
  • power control algorithms
  • scheduling in wireless networks
  • interference minimization
  • topology control games
  • algorithms for dominating and independent set problems
  • ...


  • Lecture "Effiziente Algorithmen" or equivalent lecture on algorithms.
  • A course on network algorithms would be a plus.

Important Dates

  • from now on: read your paper, try to understand it
  • 29.06.2009: deadline to hand in your Ausarbeitung (written with LaTeX)
  • 13.07.2009: deadline to hand in your presentation slides
  • 18.08.2009, 09:30–17:30 (approx.), and 19.08.2009, 09:30–16:30 (approx.): seminar talks (ca. 40 min. each)

Seminar Talks

  • Aschmoneit, Marco: "On the Computational Complexity of Sensor Network Localization", J. Aspnes, D. Goldenberg and Y. Yang
    Topics: position location
  • Schleiden, Thomas: "Game Theory in Wireless Networks: A Tutorial", M. Felegyhazi, J.-P. Hubaux
    Topics: game theory
  • Bin, Tan: "Equilibria in Topology Control Games for Ad Hoc Networks", S. Eidenbenz, A. Kumar and S. Zust
    Topics: game theory, topology control
  • Lunch Break
  • Will, Christoph: "Geometric Ad-Hoc Routing: Of Theory and Practice", F. Kuhn, R. Wattenhofer, Y. Zhang and A. Zollinger
    Topics: routing based on local information, unit-disk network model
  • Greifenberg, Timo: "Local Approximation Schemes for Topology Control", M. Damian, S. Pandit and S. Pemmaraju
    Topics: spanner graphs, topology control
  • Vreydal, Marco: "Finding a Maximal Weighted Independent Set in Wireless Networks", S. Basagni
    Topics: clustering, independent set
  • Nett, Andreas: "Distributed Construction of Connected Dominating Set in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks",
    Topics: dominating set, routing, approximation algorithm
  • Yu, Tian: "Competitive Call Control in Mobile Networks", G. Pantziou, G. Pentaris and P. Spirakis
    Topics: call control, on-line algorithm, graph-based interference model
  • Schweitzer, Christophe: "The Worst-Case Capacity of Wireless Sensor Networks", T. Moscibroda
    Topics: sensor networks, throughput maximization
  • Mathes, Robert: "Cross-Layer Latency Minimization in Wireless Networks with SINR Constraints", D. Chafekar, A. Kumar, M. Marathe, S. Parthasarathy and A. Srinivasan
    Topics: scheduling, latency minimization, physical interference model
  • Lunch Break
  • Braining, Alexander: "A Jamming-Resistant MAC Protocol for Single-Hop Wireless Networks", B. Awerbuch, A. Richa and C. Scheideler
    Topics: on-line algorithm, security
  • Schlößer, Mark: "Secure Communication over Radio Channels", S. Dolev, S. Gilbert, R. Guerraoui and C. Newport
    Topics: security, authentification
  • Schwering, Christoph: "The Wakeup Problem In Synchronous Broadcast Systems", L. Gasieniec, A. Pelc and D. Peleg
    Topics: broadcasting, wakeup problem


Alexander Fanghänel: fanghaenel (at) cs.rwth-aachen.de
Thomas Kesselheim: thomas.kesselheim (at) rwth-aachen.de